Pantry Raiders | Flourless Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie

By Chef Nils Rowland

Our Flourless Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies are a favorite amongst of customers and they happen to be gluten free (only because all of the chocolate doesn’t leave room for the flour!). The recipe is simple, but one of our most “chocolatey” offerings and is guaranteed to satisfy any true chocolate lover.

Flourless Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie
(Makes approximately two dozen cookies)

1 lb. Powdered sugar
1 qtr. lb. Cocoa powder
1/3 lb. egg whites
1/2 lb. Dark chocolate chips
Pinch of salt
Sea salt flakes to sprinkle on top

Mix the powdered sugar, cocoa powder and egg whites in a bowl until smooth. Fold in the chocolate chips until combined. Scoop to desired size. Wrap and freeze.

Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Place frozen dough balls on sheet tray and sprinkle the top with sea salt. Bake for 9 to 12 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

Chef Nils Rowland and his wife Bailey Rowland own Crème de la Cocoa, a confections company specializing in custom cakes, hand-painted original flavored chocolates and desserts with an artistic twist on new and familiar flavors. Visit the shop at 299 San Marco Ave. in St. Augustine or call (904) 466-9499 for more information.

Photo courtesy Kristen Penoyer

Flourless Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie