Quest to salvage more “Maple Leaf” artifacts continues

Quest to salvage more “Maple Leaf” artifacts continues

Mandarin Middle School history teacher Khaki Hager has teamed with Dr. Keith Holland to bring attention to the fact that not even 1 percent of the artifacts of the “Maple Leaf” have been raised from the murky depths. More »

20th annual Riding into History motorcycle show is gearing up

20th annual Riding into History motorcycle show is gearing up

Once again, the Riding into History team is preparing for the annual motorcycle show at World Golf Village in May. More »

Artificial reefs benefit environment and offshore enthusiasts

Artificial reefs benefit environment and offshore enthusiasts

TISIRI, which stands for “Think It, Sink It, Reef It,” has a main focus of providing more offshore marine habitats. More »

Back in Time with Brett: Steamship Maple Leaf – Part 2

Back in Time with Brett: Steamship Maple Leaf – Part 2

Laid to rest in a blanket of mud, eight feet under the turbid waters of the natural ribbon that cuts through the city of Jacksonville, the “Maple Leaf” saw life above the mighty St. Johns River for the last time 155 years ago. More »


The CreekLine

Q&A with St. Johns County Commissioner Jimmy Johns (District 1)

Q: Can you shed any light on the latest status of Hallowes Cove, the pristine area of the St. Johns River within the RiverTown development on State Road 13?

A: This is the second or third time the subject of a marina at this location has come up. Years ago,the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) for RiverTown was approved with a prohibition of any marina being built here. When Mattamy bought the property, they bought it with this approved DRI. Now it seems they want to build a 250 slip marina on the passive riverfront park at the mouth of Hallowes Cove.

Q&A with State Attorney, 7th Judicial Circuit, R.J. Larizza

Q: What can you tell us about fraud in our area?
A: Florida is arguably the leader in the country in fraud. This is partly because we have a lot of senior citizens who have worked their whole lives and then retire here — they’re natural targets for scammers who want to prey upon the vulnerable. Also, with the state’s booming economy, construction fraud is prevalent.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell people to protect themselves against fraud. We are good at prosecuting, but we’d prefer to prevent fraud from happening. Don’t be a victim.

Q&A with St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes

Q: Can you dispel some of the myths surrounding Vote by Mail?
A: One of the biggest myths surrounding Vote by Mail ballots is that they are only counted when an election is close. The fact is, they are the first to be counted. Vote by Mail ballots are opened and processed by the canvassing board starting a week prior to Election Day, as they come in to our office. We use the high speed counter, which is different from the machines used at the precincts. We keep the results secure until 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Get to Know … Bob and Sarah Trunell

By Angela Higginbotham

Bob and Sarah Trunell met in 1989 while both were working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Sarah, a dancer, and Bob, a magician, have traveled the world while entertaining vacationers with their talents.

Bartram Trail Branch Library closed for repairs

By Martie Thompson

The Bartram Trail Branch Library, located at 60 Davis Pond Blvd., closed on Saturday, April 20 for repairs to the sprinkler system. The anticipated re-opening date is shortly after Labor Day in September, according to Judy Chandler, vice president of the Friends of the Bartram Trail Branch Library.