Local gymnast goes to Nationals

Local gymnast goes to Nationals

At her first time at nationals, St. Johns resident Jenna Mulligan placed fifth on floor exercise, eighth on balance beam and 13th on vault, for an overall ranking of 39th in the U.S. More »

Kayaking around Florida (and contributing to a good cause)

Kayaking around Florida (and contributing to a good cause)

Former U.S. Marine Esteban Blyar finished the journey of a lifetime when he pulled his kayak ashore in mid-May after a 61-day kayaking trip around the coast of Florida on the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. More »

New Steinway at Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

New Steinway at Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

The success of Play Academy of Arts (PLAY), a holistic approach to music at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, has resulted in a fourth piano to be added to the Center. More »


The CreekLine

Bartram Trail’s Junior Air Force ROTC program celebrates successful year

By Shelley Howard

The Bartram Trail High School Junior Air Force ROTC currently has approximately 179 registered cadets with a waiting list already formed for the next school year — and it’s not surprising when considering the exceptional year they have celebrated.

Get to Know … Karl Kennell

By Angela Higginbotham

Always passionate about people and mesmerized by the adventures and life tales that others have to share, Karl Kennell has many inspiring stories of his own. He grew up in Sarasota, Fla. and in the 1970s he moved to Los Angeles primarily to pursue his passion of theatre work, while also continuing his career working in building and development. He later retired into travel marketing.

Q & A with St. Johns County Commissioner Jimmy Johns (District 1)

Q: Can you give us an update on the impact fee structure that was recently passed by the County Commission?

A: We approved impact fees to increase for new residential construction by the amount recommended by the author of the impact fee study. We also have to increase the impact fees on non-residential construction. Since we want to attract commercial business, we were able to buy down the non-residential portion of the impact fees by 40 percent of the total, so that non-residential fees will be net “no increase” (some will be up a little and some will be down a little, depending on type of commercial business.)

Q & A with St. Johns County School Board Member, District 1, Beverly Slough

Q: Do you have any updates to share as to how the St. Johns County School District is addressing the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act?

A: The School District and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office have formed a work group that is looking at all the different plans that could be used to secure our campuses — everything from hardening the campuses to additional law enforcement presence. At our workshop on April 24, school board members will receive an analysis on how much all the options would cost. No vote will be taken at the workshop; most probably any vote will come at the May 8 school board meeting.

Q & A with St. Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer

Q: Can you give us an update on the proposal to add to Florida’s homestead exemption?
A: This November, on the ballot will be an opportunity for all Floridians to vote for an additional $25,000 of homestead exemption. The primary personal exemption in Florida is the homestead exemption, which is currently a $50,000 reduction in assessed value that is granted to Florida resident property owners who live in their house as a primary residence as of Jan. 1 of each year and whole file by March 1.