Travel | Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway

By Debi American Indians, Ohio Valley riverboat traders, European settlers, soldiers, slaves, and future presidents trod the Natchez Trace, one of America’s oldest trails. It took about 35...

Nutrition Check: Here Comes Autumn!

By Kristen Hicks-Roof PhD, RDN, LDN and Marissa Schwam Autumn is here and you know what that means — cooler weather and colorful leaves; however, autumn brings more...

Capt. David’s Fishing Report

By Captain David It's been happening. Finally, a more consistent bite in the river. Summer time and fall favorites, known as croaker and weakfish (yellow mouth trout) have...

Gardening | Veggies and More

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley By the time you read this, I hope the above-average temperatures of early September are well behind us, although even in northeast Florida,...

Pantry Raiders | Fresh and healthy salad makes the perfect meal

By NewsLine Weather during the month of October can be fickle. As a result, there may be some steamy days left even after summer is long gone. On...
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