Jacksonville startup company seeks original poems and stories

By NewsLine Staff

Two University of North Florida students have taken their shared passion of creative writing and started a business. Artistuncovered.com is the brainchild of Joe Pike and Gus Scruggs, two amateur short story and poetry writers who combined their savings accounts to create a platform for fellow writers to submit, get published and earn money.

“The idea behind Artistuncovered.com is to give unnoticed writers and poets the opportunity to get published and paid for their work. The publication process is incredibly difficult, so Gus and I wanted to give unappreciated authors the chance to shine,” said Pike.

The website works via paid submissions. Instead of the lengthy and expensive process of having your work reviewed by publishing agencies, Artistuncovered.com seeks only a $10 submission fee for review of written works. The submission fee is what allows Artistuncovered.com to give back to the writing community. Any short story or poem can be submitted at any time, at which point it will be reviewed and under consideration for permanent publication and a potential cash payout of $100.

“We strive to provide writers of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to have their creative voice heard,” said Scruggs. “It’s a new process for both Joe and me, but we’re having a great time getting everything going. Our business is focused around what we love, and we think there’s a dedicated community of writers and poets that will be excited about this.”

All submissions can be made on Artistuncovered.com; email admin@artistunconvered.com with any questions regarding the site.

Photo courtesy Joe Pike
Joe Pike and Gus Scruggs