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Gardening | Planting for beneficial insects


By Lesley Arrandale

With the mild — actually exceptionally warm! — temperatures we’ve been experiencing, we can continue planting some hardy perennials and bulbs in December, as well as shrubs and trees. Bear in mind, though, that we are now in a dry season, and be prepared to water newly installed plants to get them well established.

Capt. David’s Fishing Report

St. Johns River Fishing Tips

By Captain David Lifka

Once again it’s the time of year to find the perfect gift for the fishing people in your life this holiday season. When shopping there is always that little bit of uncertainty as to whether the gifts you buy are actually something they need or will even use. Your goal is to find the perfect gift, but your confidence to do so just isn’t quite there. Here are a few ideas that will hopefully make this year’s shopping a little easier:

This ‘n That | Texting sure can be a production


By Mims Cushing

If you’re ever feeling blue because you miss your far-away family, here’s something that can act as a pick-me-up. Choose a special word, add it to your email address list, and write down all the family members you want to text at the same time. So when you see that special word on your cell phone, it means something’s going on that everybody wants to know about, or perhaps they have a question for you. Last Saturday. I had a question for them.

Pantry Raiders | Host a delicious holiday brunch


Holiday dinners may garner the bulk of hosts’ attention, but overnight guests need to eat breakfast and lunch as well. Brunch can save hosts some work and give families a great opportunity to break bread without some of the formalities that may accompany holiday dinners. This holiday season, consider serving this ideal brunch recipe for “Farfalle with Crabmeat, Asparagus, Scrambled Eggs, Garlic, and Herbs” from Norman Kolpas’ “Buongiorno! Breakfast and Brunch, Italian Style” (Contemporary Books).

Travel | Finding the jewels of Jordan


By Debi Lander

Americans generally don’t include the Middle East on their bucket list, but I’d like to change your mind about Jordan. The Hashemite Kingdom, Jordan’s official name, is the safest country in the region and extremely welcoming to tourists. Jordan offers incredible historic sites, attractions, and adventures for luxury to budget travelers.