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This ‘n That: If you tickle rats, they are happy campers



By Mims Cushing

An article about rats was in the Nov. 11, 2016 edition of The New York Times on page A12, a research piece by James Gorman that jumped out at me. It was titled, “When Tickled, Rats Giggle and Leap, Researchers Find.” It was accompanied by a photograph of a researcher in Berlin, scratching the belly of a rat, with the rat’s head leaning against the researcher’s hand.

Pantry Raiders: Celebrate Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day


By Melissa Cooper

St. Patrick’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate Irish culture — and these celebrations are not truly complete without some traditional Irish food. Try this recipe for Irish Soda Bread to accompany your favorite Irish fare.

Travel: Visit Ocala horse farms


By Debi Lander

Ocala, in central Florida, bills itself as the “Horse Capital of the World.” I always figured that title belonged to Kentucky, but I discovered I was wrong. The Ocala/Marion region leads all other counties in total number of horses and ponies in residence, with more than 70,000 acres of thoroughbred breeding and training farms.

Capt. David’s Fishing Report

St. Johns River Fishing Tips

By David Lifka

It’s hard to believe, but there are shrimp in the river right now. Unfortunately in Duval and St. Johns counties, the months of March and April are closed to shrimping. Winter shrimp in our area of the river is not unheard of, but it is somewhat of a rare occurrence. With a milder than normal winter, and a shortage of rainfall occurring, conditions have been right for shrimp to be much farther up the river than usual for this time of year.

Gardening: Another spring


By Lesley Arrandale

The seasons roll around, and before we know it the robins will have passed through and our overwintering birds will have left for their more northerly nesting grounds. Depending on temperatures, lawns will soon be greening up, we will be planting our summer vegetables and perhaps seeking new shrubs and perennials to fill in gaps that winter may have left behind.