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Travel | Cooperstown, NY and the Boys of Summer

By Debi Lander

In 1974, Chevy reduced the essence of America to a famous jingle: “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.” Too simple for sure, and more than a bit self-serving, but it hit a home run with many. Nearly five decades later, an idyllic place in upstate New York still hits ‘em outta the park. Cooperstown draws folks with three centuries of American history and baseball. 

Captain David’s Fishing Report 

By Captain David Lifka

If you haven’t been shrimping yet this year, now is the time to gather your gear and get started. Even though the season is still early, the numbers and the size of the shrimp (mostly larges) are more typical for later in the season. 

Pantry Raiders | Low-calorie chicken dish is full of flavor

By NewsLine Staff

As the seasons transition from summer to autumn, it is time to incorporate hardier recipes into the dinner repertoire. But just because something seems to be more filling doesn’t mean it has to be high in calories or compromise light eating plans.

Gardening | The cool season is on its way

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley Arrandale

Although it feels daunting as I write in the throes of August heat, I am contemplating my fall garden. For early cool-season crops, I shall sow a variety of brassicas, such as purple sprouting broccoli and tatsoi, a compact Chinese leafy vegetable. Kohlrabi has a bulbous stem that is sweet and crunchy in salads, and is delicious steamed or braised. Kales are relatively easy to grow, as is the ubiquitous collard, but whatever I plant, my family has to enjoy it and unfortunately stronger tasting leafy vegetables aren’t very popular. Radishes, also a brassica, are a quick crop; they take just 20 to 30 days to harvest, and their peppery crunch really spices up a salad. Apparently the French eat them as a snack with a little butter and salt.

Golf Tips from T Shot Ranch | Love on the Links … or NOT?

By Janie C. Farina LPGA

Does golf bring couples closer or does golf “slice” a good relationship apart?