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This n That | Do you need a lid for your pot?


By Mims Cushing

Worry. Years ago, when I lived up north, a minister announced in a church service that he was worried about the single people in the audience. He didn’t mean he was concerned about them having an accident in their home. He meant he was sad people were sitting there without a spouse. I was stunned.

Travel: The creative arts in Oxford, Mississippi


By Debi Lander

Oxford, Mississippi may sound familiar to football fans as the home of the University of Mississippi and the Ole Miss Rebels, including greats Archie and Eli Manning. Literary fans recognize it as Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner’s hometown. The city’s history, small town charm and community support continue to spark inspiration and creativity for artists, musicians and writers, giving Oxford the title “Cultural Mecca of the South.”

Pantry Raiders: Buffalo Chicken Nachos


By Melissa Cooper

Here is a super easy snack to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day. These nachos contain all the flavor of Buffalo wings without the hassle and mess of all that preparation and clean up. Adjust the amount of Buffalo sauce used to control the heat level.

Captain David’s Fishing Report

St. Johns River Fishing Tips

By David Lifka

If you are new to fishing, just getting started may seem to be a bit intimidating. Equipment, tackle, when, where, how, and costs are just a few of the many thoughts that come to mind — not to mention what to do with the fish after you catch them. However, with a little time, effort, and outdoor fun, you might just discover that these hurdles weren’t quite as high as you first thought.

Choosing the right equipment and tackle will depend on where you are fishing and what you are fishing for. A six- to seven-foot medium action rod with a matching medium sized spinning reel will cover a surprisingly large number of fishing situations in our area. Most rods and reels have recommended line sizes stamped on them making it easy to create matches. Somewhere in the 10 to 17 pound test range should be fine.

Gardening: Summertime – Not so easy?


By Lesley Arrandale

Summer is almost here after record-breaking spring temperatures and, as of early May, a continuing rainfall deficit in northeast Florida. I’m now wondering what the summer may bring. The hurricane season predictions (out of Colorado State University) are for an El Nino weather pattern possibly kicking in during the summer, and if it does we could see slightly fewer storms than average, with sea temperatures and wind patterns keeping more of them out in the Atlantic. In the meantime, the Okefenokee Swamp West Mims fire has been burning for weeks, with little rain to help the firefighters; rain is sorely needed.