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Travel | Autumn and apples in Hendersonville, NC

By Debi Lander
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Hendersonville, NC, may be overshadowed by its neighbor Asheville, but when it comes to apples, the smaller mountain city shines. Hendersonville ranks as the seventh largest producer of apples in America. Since I adore apples, I accepted an invitation to participate in an agritourism tour. 

Captain David’s Fishing Report

By Captain David Lifka

It’s not often we get a shrimp run that lasts well into October, but this year we did. Many months of “just right” weather ended up being a major contributor to this year’s successful season. 

Gardening | Enough of the heat!   

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley Arrandale

In the first week of October we were still experiencing record-breaking temperatures, along with the rest of the south and east. In the first half of September we had adequate rains, but by the end of the month we were in a moderate drought; it does make a garden harder to manage when conditions are so out of the norm.

Golf Tips from T Shot Ranch | Love on the Links … or NOT?

By Janie C. Farina LPGA

Does golf bring couples closer or does golf “slice” a good relationship apart?