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Pantry Raiders: Slow Cooked Pork Roast with Peach and Melon Salsa


By Melissa Cooper

Instead of spending all morning in the kitchen this Mother’s Day, try this delicious “set it and forget it” pork roast and colorful salsa recipe. The quick and easy preparation will free up your day for more quality time with Mom!

Travel: Exploring mysterious Turin, Italy


By Debi Lander

Millions of tourists flock to Italy’s Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan — yet Turin, in northern Italy, stands underappreciated. The city is home to the famous Shroud and was once Italy’s first capital. More than 50 museums and monuments offer visitors intriguing options.

Gardening: Buyer beware


By Lesley Arrandale

So – we had a last minute cold snap, just a few days before our last projected frost date. I hope you all didn’t lose any precious new (or old) plants. Luckily we had a good downpour beforehand, which invigorated our plants. Unfortunately, as of mid-April, we are still low on rainfall, although for the next few months we can expect precipitation to be average (https://tinyurl.com/lnxujms). Of course, this is our dry season. In addition, we are looking at a 40 percent chance of higher than normal temperatures for the next few months (https://tinyurl.com/kuq67z4).

Captain David’s Fishing Report

St. Johns River Fishing Tips

By David Lifka

Getting kids out the door over summer vacation is often quite a chore. It seems many kids today prefer an artificial environment in an artificial world. While today’s devices are capable of providing hours of entertainment and stimulation, these same devices also seem to be denying today’s children the pleasures of an outdoor world that awaits them.

This ‘n That: Working from home is bliss but stuff intervenes


By Mims Cushing

The first thing my son did when he started working full time from home was to get Brodie, a dog. He and I believe leaving a dog alone at home for eight hours is cruel. I feel like shouting “Bravo!” when I see on “Bark Post” that a dog has torn up pillows and eaten shoes out of sheer boredom, having been left home alone all day. My favorite show was a dog who chewed up his master’s Playboy. And incidentally do look at “Bark Post” on the internet if you love dogs and need a lift.