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Get to Know … Maribeth Wood

By Angela Higginbotham

Maribeth Wood was born in Richmond, Va., and moved to Florida in 2001. She earned her degree from the University of North Florida in Elementary Education. After a brief move to England, Wood decided to gain additional education in Library Information Science. She earned her masters in 2013 and began her journey as a librarian in Ocala. She later moved back to the Jacksonville area and served at the Bartram Trail Branch Library before continuing her career with the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library as the library’s reference librarian one year ago.

Get to Know … Sue Giddings

By Angela Higginbotham

Growing up in Texas, Sue Giddings and her family were regular visitors at the library; she developed a love of reading and learning early on. Even today, she insists that libraries are a powersource for so many people. Giddings devotes much of her time to Friends of the South Mandarin Library, a group of volunteers with the mission of raising funds to help with improvements within the South Mandarin Library.

Get to Know … Bob and Sarah Trunell

By Angela Higginbotham

Bob and Sarah Trunell met in 1989 while both were working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Sarah, a dancer, and Bob, a magician, have traveled the world while entertaining vacationers with their talents.

Get To Know … Harry Smith

By Ken Gillespie

Upon entering Harry Smith’s Ponte Vedra Beach house, he points to a large screen television. Sprouting behind it is an array of antennae: long vintage rabbit ears topped by a bunch of aluminum shards pointing north. Thanks to this assembly, he and wife Sondra enjoy free over-the-air access to more than 30 channels. No Netflix, no HBO, no cable bill. Further, they have no internet service, thus no email capability. They don’t own a computer or a smartphone; he relies on a dated flip-top phone.

Get to Know … Stacey Goldring

By Martie Thompson

During Stacey Goldring’s first visit to Mandarin about 30 years ago, she met her future husband. On her second visit, she found her new hometown. Goldring earned a journalism degree from Ohio State University and it was while on Spring Break that she visited her cousins in Mandarin and met Bruce, who attended the University of Florida and was her cousin’s roommate in Gainesville. After getting married, the couple spent time in South Florida, where Stacey wrote for several newspapers and Bruce, an airline pilot, had easy access to three airports.