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Q & A with St. Johns County School Board Member, District 4, Kelly Barrera

Q: Can you give us a school security update as pertains to the recently concluded legislative session?
A: We are excited that the new school security bill gives us the flexibility to continue to have a combination of trained, armed guards as well as sheriff’s deputies at our schools. Each district is different, and for our district, we feel this is the best way to meet the law and protect our students. As sheriff’s officers are trained, we will continue to hire them and bring them into our schools. We’re grateful to our sheriff to make these school resource officers available to us. The St. Johns County School District has no plans to arm teachers. Every board member has publicly stated that we are not interested in that.

Q & A with Duval County School Board Member, District 7, Lori Hershey

Q: Can you give us an update on the proposed facilities plan?

A: The School Board will vote on the facilities Master Plan at the July 2 meeting. This comprehensive plan addresses our immense backlog in repair needs, as well as calls for school consolidations and the building of two new schools. 

Q & A with Jacksonville City Council Member Matt Schellenberg (District 6)

Q: Can you give us a recycling update for the city of Jacksonville?
A: When I had my last Town Hall meeting on June 3, we discussed this. Most people in the room said they recycled. Unfortunately, about 40 percent of what the city receives is “dirty,” meaning that non-recyclables are included … and all of this goes into the landfill. The city has gone from making $8 million on recycling to spending $4 million on recycling.

Q&A with St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes

Q: What can you tell us about your office’s new website?

A: Our new website is now online. We just refreshed it with a new look and I invite people to take a look. It has a more modern format that will allow us to focus on voter registration online and allow voters to keep their information up to date with us at all times. There is an announcement page highlighting timely items on the landing page. 

Q&A with St. Johns County Commissioner Jimmy Johns (District 1)

Q: Since we are in the middle of the annual budget cycle, do you have any updates?
A: The proposed budget is available on the county’s website, www.sjcfl.us. I encourage people to look at the budget and weigh in now. This is the time for staff to make any adjustments. Citizens can call my office and we can put them in touch with the department that can answer their questions. The key is to understand how to get funding for whatever it is that people are interested in.