By Capt. David Lifka

With summertime approaching and school almost out, planning summertime activities for the kids and family will soon be coming up. Activities out of the house and in the great outdoors is quite often an enjoyable experience, and for those involved, can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. Camping, kayaking, boating, swimming, golf, tennis, and even surfing, are all opportunities to get one or some of the family out of the house and into our wonderful Florida weather.

Fishing too provides many opportunities to get one, some, or all of the family out of the house and into the weather. Fishing can be a solo act or combined with other activities. When fishing there are many different ways to do it and still have fun for everyone involved.

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You can fish at the beach, lake, pond, river, or whatever body of water you happen to be nearby. You can fish while visiting a state park, camping, or out on a picnic. You can fish from a boat or a kayak, or lakeside or in the surf. You can take a pole with some bread to a neighborhood pond or plan a family vacation and charter a boat. Fishing overall is just an easy way to include so many different ways to be outside and enjoy the outdoors. 

With summer fast approaching, planning outdoor summertime activities is a must. Whether sneaking a fishing trip in with another planned activity, or planning an all-out fishing excursion, the family time spent fishing could last a lifetime.

Fishing Report: Yoyo fishing lately as fish have been reacting to up and down temps. This will be ending very quickly with the bite turning up in all our area fishing locations. Remember — no shrimping (not even for bait) until the first of June.

Whether you catch one, some or none, the family time spent fishing will last a lifetime.

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