By Angela Higginbotham

A 2015 graduate of Creekside High School, Megan Prangley grew up in St. Johns County. She has two sisters and her parents, Mike and Julie Prangley, still reside in St. Johns. Currently a senior at Georgia Southern University, Prangley accepted scholarships for cross country/track and field and also for her academic success. She is triple majoring in International Studies, Spanish and Chinese.

Within the past year, her political science classes and international travel have piqued her political interests more so than ever before. Prangley is president of her sorority at Georgia Southern, Delta Phi Epsilon. Greek life has played a large role in Prangley’s college career and has help shape her future endeavors. She was recently chosen to spend time in Washington, D.C. lobbying for Greek laws. Her time on Capitol Hill is expected to be the first of many.

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  1. Tell me about your recent trip to D.C. lobbying for Greek Laws.

I was one of approximately 100 college students selected to go to Washington D.C to meet with state legislators and lobbyists regarding Greek laws. There were students from Harvard and many other schools. It was interesting to meet them and learn from them. We spent our time with legislators between the House and Senate talking about hazing laws as well as the Greek system overall. We worked towards helping lawmakers understand the importance in keeping the sanctity of current Greek life to sororities for females and fraternities for males. Lobbying was really cool. Being on Capitol Hill was a moving experience.

  1. What are your upcoming plans and future goals?

This summer I’ll be doing an internship for a political consulting firm in Washington, D.C. I’m really looking forward to that.

Long term? That’s a good question. I’m not exactly sure yet. I’ll probably be involved in political consulting and I’ve thought about doing ministry full time abroad.

  1. What has sorority life meant to you?

I did not imagine myself in a sorority at the time I was recruited in spring of 2016, but now Greek life and Delta Phi Epsilon have pieces of my heart. Epsilon has presented me with numerous leadership opportunities, enhanced my dedication to academics, and shaped my college involvement for the better. I love my sorority sisters.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

The sorority takes up a lot of my time but I really enjoy it. I don’t run cross country or track anymore, but I still run for fun and exercise. I like to write on my blog and spend time with my friends.

  1. If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be and why?

If I could hang out with anyone for one day, it would be Michelle Obama. Regardless of how people feel politically, in her time serving in the White House and outside of that, she has been a continuous voice for the voiceless in various capacities, including standing against racism and helping those who are poor. Also, she created a program to encourage kids to live healthier lives and promoted seven initiatives in regards to education. Truly, I admire her efforts to make the nation a better place for all people.


Photo courtesy Megan Prangley

Megan Prangley


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