By Angela Higginbotham

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Pam Baird moved to St. Johns County 15 years ago. She and her family enjoy the close-knit community of Julington Creek. Her days are spent working the front desk of a dental office.

“I am a people person. I love meeting new people while at the front desk,” Baird said.

She also finds fulfillment in giving back to the community she loves. Baird is currently the Marketing Chair for Relay for Life of Bartram Trail. She and her husband, Terry, have three children who keep them busy with many activities, including soccer and dance; Baird wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. What is your favorite thing about living in St. Johns County?

It’s just such a great community. Everyone knows everyone in Julington Creek. My kids still have friends that they met when they were in play groups together as very small kids. It’s a close community and everyone helps look out for everyone’s kids.

  1. When did you begin volunteering with Relay for Life?

I began in honor of my mom. She passed away seven years ago. Relay for Life is the one thing that I promised myself I would continue to make time for after I went back to working full time two years ago. It’s such a great cause and I’m excited to do as much as I can to contribute.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

For the past four years, my family and I have had annual passes to Universal Studios. We love going for the weekend when we don’t have sports or anything else going on. It’s a nice break. We enjoy the rides, characters, but most of all, the family time away. Life is what you make of it and those weekend trips provide amazing memories for us.

  1. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Just being where I am. I’ve been happily married for 22 wonderful years, and we have three good and healthy kids. We live in a nice neighborhood and we have everything we need. I have no complaints.

  1. If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be?

Family is very important. I would love to spend another day with my mom. Her passing changed me. I don’t take anything for granted. There’s no time to worry about the small things.

Photo courtesy Pam Baird

The Baird family: Pam, her husband Terry, and their kids Summer, 17, Makenzie, 11 and Aiden, 7.


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