By Angela Higginbotham

Local entrepreneurs Michael and Sashell Dragich grew up on opposite ends of the state. Michael Dragich was born in Ohio and later moved to South Florida while Sashell Dragich is a St. Johns native and has called Julington Creek home her entire life. She was a part of Bartram Trail High School’s legacy class (the first class to complete four full years after the school opened). Sashell Dragich attended the University of Central Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, where she majored in business. After high school in South Florida, Michael Dragich joined the Marine Corps.

The two met in South Florida and moved to California, where Michael Dragich was stationed at the time. Ten years later, eager to introduce her husband to her beloved Julington Creek neighborhood, Sashell Dragich  convinced him to call north Florida home. As felt by many, life after Michael Dragich’s military career was a transition with many questions — questions with answers that lead to the creation of Doody Daddy, a growing business for the couple and one that now supports their family. Michael and Sashell have been married for 10 years and have three children, two boys and a nine-month-old little girl.

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  1. What do you enjoy most about the area and Sashell, how had Julington Creek changed after being away for 10 years?

Sashell Dragich: I love Julington Creek because it still has that small town feel. Everyone knows everyone and I’ve always loved that. When we came back to the area after being away it was almost like a new world to me. So much had changed, but it’s still the friendly area I’ve always known.

Michael Dragich: It feels like a safe community and it’s great for a business owner. The people interact with neighbors while supporting local businesses.

  1. What is Doody Daddy and how did the idea come about?

Michael Dragich: Doody Daddy is a business that offers the service of scooping dog poop for residential and commercial clients. We are primarily in the St. Johns area, but are growing to serve all of Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We are building customers and adding more drivers. Sashell runs the business from home now. The idea came from a place after serving in the military when I just didn’t feel that I could be happy in an office setting. I wanted to offer something to people that wasn’t very common.

  1. What are your goals for your business?

Michael Dragich: Our goal is to keep growing and expanding. I’d love to franchise the business out to veterans one day. It’s often hard to find a place and sense of purpose after the military and I think it could help veterans get on their feet.

  1. What do you enjoy doing as a family and personally?

Sashell Dragich: I enjoy going to the gym and diving into community activities and events at the schools. As a family, we are active in our church and enjoy the beach, pool, and anything outside.

Michael Dragich: I enjoy Jiu Jitsu and volunteering in the wrestling program at a local high school. I did a lot of martial arts in the Marine Corps. I also enjoy wakeboarding. Yes, as a family, anything outside is our favorite way to spend a day.

  1. Any jokes received when you explain your profession?

Michael Dragich: My friends joke sometimes, but I tell them that they see brown and I see green.

Sashell Dragich: We always laugh because we say that he’s a Doody Daddy because as a daddy of three kids, he’s literally surrounded by poop.


Photo courtesy Sashell Dragich

The Dragich family


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