Family fun night

By Scott Stegmaier

Sometimes the most simplistic dinners can end up to be the most memorable. For us, it is Family Nachos. The children’s excitement in the air just cannot be contained … this is their favorite. Every Friday, we make it a point to have Family Fun Night. This always includes something fun to eat for dinner, board or video games and of course, lots of family time together.

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Nachos are an easy, delicious meal and a one plate wonder if you will. The children love to make this dinner. Each of them contributes their favorite ingredients, resulting in one big pan for all of us to share together.

This is a meal you can switch up every time you have it and the clean-up is minimal which makes momma happy. And an easy dinner makes time for more family fun. Here is one of our many different versions we like to enjoy:

Family Fun Night Nachos


½ Sweet onion diced
Can black olives
Can seasoned black beans
Can Rotel
Small Velveeta cheese pack
8 oz. shredded Monterey Jack
Sour cream
2 Bags tortilla chips (chef’s discretion)
½ lb. lean ground beef
Fajita seasoning
Extra virgin olive oil


Ground Beef: Turn pan on medium heat and add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Season beef in a bowl on one side only with fajita seasoning to your liking. Once up to temperature, sear until fully cooked and then add diced onion. Continue to sauté for two minutes and then set to the side to rest.

Cheese Sauce: In a ceramic bowl, microwave Rotel and Velveeta cheese together until melted. Two minutes at a time is best. Stir to desired consistency.

To build: Layer tortilla chips. With each layer add sautéed ground beef/onion, drained black beans, black olives, shredded monterey jack cheese and cheese sauce. Pop in the oven at 350 degrees for 3 – 5 minutes and garnish with avocado, sour cream and jalapeño. Squeeze fresh lime all over the top and enjoy!

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Photo courtesy Edana Stegmaier

Family Fun Night Nachos


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