By Julie Gerona

Special date? Family night out? Company team building? Alhambra Theatre and Dining should be at the top of your list. Enjoy a three-course meal specifically themed to match the production before the show. Executive Chef DeJuan Roy prepares a menu of tasteful choices consisting of soup (the Manhattan clam chowder melts in your mouth) or salad, a number of savory entrees and to finish the meal, if you are not too full, your choice of delightful desserts. All this is served by an attentive wait staff that is second to none.

The evening we attended, The Alhambra delighted all ages with an energetic, colorful reenactment of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” People of all ages, including small kids, sat mesmerized (yes! children sat quietly spellbound!) as Ariel (The Little Mermaid), a variety of sea creatures and even a few bumbling seagulls sang and danced their way through the sweetest love story imaginable. 

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You see, Ariel, the daughter of King Titan, Ruler of the Seas, is a beautiful, independent, fiery haired young mermaid who dreams of living on land among humans. The problem is, well there are two problems: one, Ariel doesn’t have legs and two, her father blames all humans for the death of Ariel’s mother and will not tolerate Ariel’s foolish and what he believes dangerous daydreams. 

Nonetheless Ariel finds herself saving the life of a prince who plummets into the ocean off of a sinking ship. She falls madly in love as does the prince. The catch is the prince doesn’t know Ariel is from the sea. He only knows she has an ethereal voice that fills his heart and he promises to find and marry the girl who saved his life.

Ariel’s best friends, a fish named Flounder and a crab named Sebastian, try to convince her that living as a human is a bad idea. Regardless, the strong willed young mermaid is determined to find the man she loves. She makes a deal with her wicked aunt, Ursula, to trade her beautiful voice for legs — and off to land she goes to find her prince. 

How will Ariel convince her prince she is his true love when she has no voice?

How will she convince her father that all humans are not bad and her prince is good?

How will Ariel get her voice back from her devious aunt?

Will Ariel and the prince live happily ever after?

Find out all the answers by attending a summer showing of “The Little Mermaid” at the Alhambra before it swims away.


Photo courtesy Alhambra Theatre and Dining

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