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The Heart of Jacksonville African Violet Society will stage a colorful exhibit and sale of African Violets and other Gesneriad specimens on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25 at San Jose Church of Christ, 6233 San Jose Blvd. “Pearls of the Plant World” will be the society’s 30th anniversary display and sale of African Violets. This event is open to the public. 

The show and sale will feature an exceptional offering of these beautiful flowering houseplants, with colors and sizes for every taste and to fit every budget. Available also will be unusual varieties, starter plants, and hard-to-find supplies for this hobby. 

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Because they bloom year-round and are easy to grow, African violets have become the most popular houseplant. On hand at the event will be member experts to answer questions. Is your treasured plant growing fewer or infrequent blooms? Is wick watering the best way to water a violet? How often should you fertilize? What type of fertilizer and how much? How much light should they get? Are LED lights beneficial? How often should you repot? 

And what are Gesneriads? They are cousins to the African violet and like the same growing conditions. Explore the episcias, streptocarpus, primulinas, alsobias, and many more. 

The Heart of Jacksonville African Violet Society has both experienced growers and “newbies.” These members share the joy of growing plants and solve the occasional difficulty that may arise from common mistakes or setbacks. 

Visit for more information about “Pearls of the Plant World,” club activities, and educational resources in print and video.

Photo courtesy Linda McQueen

Cajun’s Blueberry Hill, a standard fantasy African violet.

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