By Mary Eyler

On Monday, Nov. 7, Crown Point Elementary School hosted 4DX Day, an event where around 50 people from all around the area came to experience how the 4DX (Four Disciplines of Execution) program is being implemented at Crown Point. Principals and teachers from Duval County and nearby counties were invited to attend this one-day 4DX event.

Fourth and fifth grade lighthouse leaders along with some third graders served as tour guides and greeters. The day was filled with informational presentations and visits to the classrooms where students held WIG sessions at the grade level scoreboards to share their plans for executing the four disciplines. They discussed their focus on what is wildly important, the strategy they’re using to achieve their goal, how they work with an accountability partner, and how they track their own lead measures. 

In the media center, Principal Brett Hartley shared the most recent data, showing how Crown Point is moving in the right direction. In kindergarten, teachers shared how the kindergartners set goals and made connections to things that they want to learn, practicing their foundational skills, keeping a compelling scoreboard, and tracking their own progress, which is shared with their accountability partner. Marianthi Angjellari, first-grade teacher, explained how her students’ goals are aligned with grade level goals, and the grade level goals are aligned with the school-wide goals. This method of goal setting is helping to increase the number of students reading on grade level at the school. 

Michael Beckstrom, a fourth-grade teacher, reported that his students understand what it means to actively participate in lessons, show progress towards their goals, and hold each other accountable. Deborah Bickle, the art teacher, explained how the lead measures are connected to the school wide reading goal. This resource helps students track and record their own progress. In resource classes, the students are synergized and engaged when tracking the progress of the class’s core vocabulary words. 

The 4DX day highlighted the strategies that call for embracing the students’ accomplishments through a learning environment that focuses on practical, engaging, and supportive methods of goal setting to help improve students’ academic and social performance at the school.

Photo courtesy Mary Eyler
Marianthi Angjellari shares her class’s goals with those who attended 4DX presentations.

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