By NewsLine Staff

In a major step to provide education stakeholders — especially parents and teachers — with easy access to student information, Duval County Public Schools is introducing a new education portal named OneView. Funded by a generous grant from the Quality Education for All Fund and developed in partnership with Microsoft, OneView is a communication, collaboration and content management tool that provides students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members with personalized access to important data, resources and services with one login, through one centralized tool. OneView will be available to all stakeholders in early July. 

“As a critical component of our vision for proactive and modern data analytics, early warning indicators and forms of communication, OneView is an opportunity to empower the education community,” said Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti. “Through OneView, students, families, teachers, administrators and community members have the enhanced ability to problem solve and communicate to improve student outcomes.”

In OneView, each stakeholder will have a personalized, online environment based upon their role and responsibilities with the district. OneView displays data, resources, online programs and academic and administrative responsibilities that are connected to each role, helping to streamline the accessibility to the technology tools used within DCPS. The customized experience will help the district continue to improve its efficiencies by enabling easier integrated communication across classrooms, schools and district administration.

Additionally, OneView will help students and their families easily engage in academic and administrative requirements and to reduce bureaucracy, paperwork and red tape. Among the items users will find in OneView are blended learning applications like FOCUS, Achieve 3000, Office 365, course information, calendar/planner and academic status/progress tracker.

“Having access to Microsoft’s national model for education portals, OneView will ensure that each member of the DCPS community will have a single login for all applications and view data in real time,” said Jim Culbert, DCPS Executive Director of Technology. “OneView will allow all of the district’s stakeholders to review and evaluate student achievement at various levels in a single pane of digital glass.”

DCPS will be scheduling OneView training events to help streamline the roll out of this new and innovative education portal.

Visit for more information on OneView.


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