By Angela Higginbotham

Upcoming Mandarin High School freshman Abigail Fixel is steadfast and passionate about inspiring children in the community. An honor student and former class president, Fixel is wise beyond her years and lives up to the “Go big or go home” sentiment that her mom, Rebecca Fixel, often reminds her of. Last year at only 12 years of age, Abigail Fixel set her sights on running a musical theater camp for kids who may not have an opportunity otherwise to participate in a theater program. Fixel raised money on her own and found a location to hold Camp Fixel. She partnered with a non profit that introduces arts to foster students and together they worked to bring Fixel’s vision to reality. She recently completed her second Camp Fixel and next summer’s camp is already in preparation.

“Since we already have a location, we can focus on raising donations for next summer’s camp. It costs about $5000 to run the camp for two weeks,”  Fixel said. “My mom and other volunteers help me so much. I couldn’t do this without volunteers each summer. The kids don’t really listen to a 13 year old, so it’s important to have help.

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Fixel enjoys living in Mandarin with her mom and their three cats.

  1. What do you enjoy most about spending time with kids in the community?

Community theater programs and performing music have been proven to increase confidence, memorization skills and boost grades. I enjoy seeing the kids happy and having so much fun. At Camp Fixel we have a performance at the end of the two week camp. This year we did “Twinderella the Musical” and there were 100 people in the audience. We had 31 parts, so every child received a part.

  1. What are your future goals?

My dream is to franchise Camp Fixel, so that many more children will have the opportunity to learn about musical theater. I would like to become a lawyer on day. I’m also interested in politics and I would love to continue doing theater on the side as an adult.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy school, reading and spending time with with my mom.

  1. What are you looking most forward to about entering high school?

I’m going from a class of fewer than 10 to a class of approximately 900, so it will be a big change but I’m excited. I’m really looking forward to high school music and theater productions classes.

  1. What book would you consider as your favorite?

I could never pick just one book. The Harry Potter series, The Selection series and Throne of Glass series are all my favorite. I basically have a library in my bedroom with my own version of the Dewey Decimal System.


Photo courtesy Rebecca Fixel

Abigail Fixel

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