By Sandy Arpen

Every year since 2003, Mandarin Museum & Historical Society has honored a person who has made significant contributions to the community — like Miss Agnes Jones did — by presenting the annual Miss Aggie Award. 

The 2020 Miss Aggie Award was unique because it was the first time two people were selected. It was also unique because a COVID-19 pandemic was taking place and Miss Aggie Day 2020 had to be cancelled since we could not bring a crowd of people together. Finally, on May 22, 2021, Miss Aggie Day 2020 was celebrated at the historic Mandarin Store and Post Office.

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The recipients of the 2020 Miss Aggie Award were long-time residents Sam Folds and Wanda Bosworth. The awards were presented by Mandarin Museum & Historical Society vice-president and great niece of Agnes Jones, Karen Roumillat.

Folds was born and raised in Mandarin and has served clients in Mandarin through his real estate business for more than 40 years. He has been a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour and a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Mandarin, where he has served in many roles. He has always been an active advocate for the community by speaking out about and supporting all efforts to preserve the integrity of Mandarin’s landscape and history.

Bosworth has made volunteering in the community her profession. Since 1986 she has served through her involvement, support, and leadership in the Mandarin Community Club, Mandarin Garden Club, PTAs and activities of Mandarin Middle School and Mandarin High School, Mandarin Women’s Club and many other organizations in Jacksonville as well.

Both award recipients have given selflessly of their time, resources and talents. They epitomize the characteristics that Miss Agnes Jones was known for and for which this award is given: a deep love of Mandarin, generosity to all, and service to the community that is above and beyond. 

The 2021 Miss Aggie Award will be presented at the 21st annual Winter Celebration, scheduled for Dec. 4 at Walter Jones Historical Park. This year Orren “Bo” Phillips will be honored posthumously, as he died in a tragic accident in September 2020. Phillips made huge contributions to Mandarin through his many major projects at Walter Jones Historical Park, including moving and renovating the Losco Winery, retrieving and renovating parts of the Wheeler Sawmill, erecting a sugar cane grinder, and many other projects than can even be named. 

Past Miss Aggie Award recipients were:

2003: Kate Monson (posthumously)

2004: Karen Roumillat

2005: Rhonda Reese

2006: Mary Ann Southwell

2007: Mary Kaminski and Bonnie McNulty

2008: Jane Cooksey

2009: Susan Earnhart

2010: Alice Stanley

2011: Elizabeth “Betty” Wolfe

2012: Virginia Barker

2013: Emily Lisska

2014: Linda Levin

2015: Sandy Arpen

2016: Sarah Bailey

2017: Susie Scott

2018: Don Bowden

2019: Lynn Cuda

Sandy Arpen is a volunteer with the Mandarin Museum & Historical Society. Visit for more information about Mandarin’s history and Mandarin Museum & Historical Society information. 

Photo courtesy Sandy Arpen
Wanda Bosworth, Karen Roumillat, and Sam Folds.

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