Q: What is the date of the School Choice Expo?
A: This year the School Choice Expo will be held virtually on Jan. 8, 2022. Please visit the School Choice website:  www.duvalschools.org/schoolchoice or email the office (school_choice@duvalschools.org ) for more information.

Q: Can you give some information about your upcoming Chat with the Superintendent meetings?
A: This is my fifth year holding these community meetings and I am the only board member who offers this opportunity to the community. What makes this community meeting unique is that it is a conversation that is specific to our schools in Mandarin and it provides a chance for our community to get to know the superintendent. 

Please join me Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022 at 6 p.m. at Mandarin Oaks Elementary or Tuesday, Jan. 18 at Bartram Springs Elementary at 6 p.m. for our annual Chat with the Superintendent.  

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Q: Do you have any School Board news to share?
A: The School Board has begun implementation of our new strategic plan which will guide the district through 2026. I will be hosting a community meeting in February at Greenland Pines Elementary to share about the  DCPS Strategic Plan. 

Also, Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene’s contract ends in June 2022. The School Board has committed to enter into contract negotiations to extend her contract beyond that date.

Q: Are there any COVID protocol updates for schools [as of interview date of Dec. 15]?

A: As of today, the plan is that when elementary school students return to school after winter break in January, there will no longer be temperature checks as they enter school.

Q: Do you have anything else to share with District 7?

A: Amanda Hildenbrand, first grade teacher at Crown Point Elementary and Candice Lilly, kindergarten teacher at Mandarin Oaks Elementary, were selected as finalists for Duval County’s Teacher of the Year. It is exciting to have two teachers from District 7 to be recognized for their excellence in teaching.

Also, Atlantic Coast High School and Mandarin High School have been recognized by “U.S. News and World Report” and ranked as among the best high schools in the nation. Mandarin should be proud of the recognition our two high schools have received.

Q: How can our readers contact you?

A: They can email me at HersheyL@duvalschools.org or call me at (904) 390-2375.

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