Q: Can you give an update on the Sissel property at the corner of Loretto Road and Kennedy [as of interview date of May 16]?
A: Last month we discussed that this application was scheduled for Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) on May 17, but the Planning Department has not yet filed its recommendation. The earliest this application will now be heard by the Planning Commission is June 2.

Q: What can you tell us about the cell tower bill that you introduced to City Council, which had its third reading and was approved on May 10?
A: I had the idea for this bill, which requires cell tower owners to prominently display, via appropriate signage, ownership and contact information at the site so that neighbors can report any maintenance issues directly to the cell tower owners, when I heard from constituents about noisy generators or “limbs” falling from a cell tower “tree.” I found it to be a circuitous and time consuming endeavor for us to ascertain the owners of the towers, despite a requirement for the companies to annually report ownership of the cell towers to the city’s Planning Department. I found that once we identified the cell tower owners, they were quick to respond and address our concerns, but this bill will make it easier for them to be identified and will also allow constituents to contact the cell tower owners directly to report any issues.

Q: Is there a possibility of getting more funding for additional sidewalks along Mandarin Road?

A: Although early in the process, we are working in conjunction with the Jacksonville Transportation Association (JTA) to secure federal funding in the amount of $3 million to complete the sidewalk project along Mandarin Road from Red Cypress to Walter Jones Historical Park. Despite a large influx of interest from constituents for these sidewalks, I also receive some concerns regarding preservation of the trees along Mandarin Road. I would encourage anyone with these concerns to walk the recently installed sidewalks and see for themselves the care taken to preserve trees. I would say that with the improved quality of the roadway along Mandarin Road, we’ve seen an increase in speeding, which has drawn the attention of JSO. So safety continues to be of concern and these sidewalks may address this.

Q: Are you available to address homeowners associations and neighborhood groups?
A: Yes. I always enjoy the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with neighbors in addition to our Town Halls. I am available to go to people so they don’t have to come to us. We can discuss the particular concerns of a group regarding items such as drainage, traffic and what’s happening in terms of development in the Mandarin area — or other topics. If your homeowners association or neighborhood group would like for us to be a part of an upcoming meeting, we would certainly welcome the opportunity. Please contact our office to arrange.

Q: What is the best way for our readers to contact you?

A: Community members can email me at MBoylan@coj.net or call (904) 255-5206.

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