Travel | Make Memories in Mid- Maine

By Debi Visit Maine in the summer, and you’ll wish to spend June through August in the New England state. Cool temperatures and low humidity create an ideal...

Pantry Raiders | A simple, flavorful salad to whip up in a snap

By NewsLine When preparing meals at home, cooks know that it helps to have a few simple, easily prepared dishes in their culinary repertoire. These are dishes that...

Nutrition Check: Children’s Eye Health/Safety Month

By Kristen Hicks-Roof PhD, RDN & Caroline Jury When someone mentions eye health, what vegetables come to mind? For me, I always think of carrots; my mother would...

Gardening | Summer Observations — My Yard

By Lesley It is often more rewarding in the heat of summer to reflect and observe our gardens — and not work too much in the heat. What...

Jimmy’s Fishing Report

By Jimmy June, July, and August typically mean hot, humid days with consistent afternoon thunderstorms for our area of the river — and June was brutally hot with...
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