By Elaine Omann

Zeina Spaulding is the new principal at Atlantic High School. She has been a previous administrator in the Duval County School District with seven years of experience at Englewood and Southside Middle School.

Spaulding grew up in Jacksonville and graduated from Stanton High School. She attended the University of Florida for undergraduate education and obtained her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida. She is married with a three-month-old son and lives in the Southside.

  1. What are initial changes you feel a need to make, both in academic areas and extra-curricular?

Our school follows the same AB scheduling as other high schools. We have a wide range of Advanced Placement courses and dual enrollment opportunities. We will continue to follow through with what is in place.

We have increased in enrollment and hired more teachers to meet that need.

If new extra-curricular choices are wanted by students, there is a plan to have students take the initiative and ownership for clubs or activities. They have steps and a process to follow which includes finding sponsors. Once this is in place, we can follow through with developing and helping get these started.

  1. How are you planning to develop further community involvement and parent involvement?

I would like to do a better job of using different forms of communication and review all avenues of social media as a driving force to keep aware. I can show you some recent example with a dance class and most are posted on the school website.

  1. What makes this school unique to your experience in previous experiences? What goals or growth opportunities do you anticipate?

The theme at this school is “All In.” I am committed to children, to the work, and to them succeeding in the world. That is my biggest joy. I am passionate about students and their success is my success.

  1. How is technology creating opportunities for students?

Technology is a big portion of the classroom instruction. Students can use their own laptops or phones when it is part of the academic process. Also, there is a Parent Academy through the district which provides learning opportunities for parents to be updated on technology for classroom use.

  1. What are your interests, hobbies, or ways of having fun?

I love to work out and travel. Now, I am focusing on my son and growing as a family. The three of us are experiencing every day of our family life, watching him grow, and experiencing a new world.

Photo courtesy Zeina Spaulding

Zeina Spaulding


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