Pantry Raiders: Bruschetta

A quick way to prepare tasty tomatoes By NewsLine Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient in many meals — and are just as delicious in a...

Gardening: Summertime hazards

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we will soon be entering our most hazardous season here in Florida — the hurricane season. You probably...

Gardening | Wild weather

By Lesley Arrandale Like many Floridians, I left Jacksonville with my family to escape hurricane Irma. I began writing sitting in our friends’ sunny dining room in Atlanta, while Irma was moving along the coast...

Capt. David’s Fishing Report

By Captain David We are finally reaching the summer months when the best St. Johns River fishing action begins to occur. So far this spring, a noticeable increase...

Gardening: Heading for summer

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley It’s early March and, as I often find, I’m running behind on garden tasks. I hope you’re feeling more in control! I’m enjoying...
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