The CreekLine commences 18th year

The CreekLine commences 18th year

The CreekLine, NW St. Johns County’s original community newspaper, is delivered to every mailbox in the area, just as it has been for the past 17 years. More »

Mandarin Museum plans much needed expansion

Mandarin Museum plans much needed expansion

Mandarin Museum has outgrown its building primarily as a result of the popularity of the Maple Leaf exhibit, which in 2014 celebrated the 150th anniversary of the steamship’s sinking off Mandarin Point. More »

Riverwood Poker Club and United States Marine Corps Reserve collaborate on fifth annual toy drive

Riverwood Poker Club and United States Marine Corps Reserve collaborate on fifth annual toy drive

The Del Webb community of Nocatee has become the largest non-corporate donor to Toys for Tots in both St. Johns and Putnam counties. More »

Local dental group helps with oral health in Haiti

Local dental group helps with oral health in Haiti

Narducci Dental Group recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti to assist with providing basic dental care to Haitian families who otherwise don’t have such resources. More »

St. Augustine welcomes Venardos Circus

St. Augustine welcomes Venardos Circus

The Venardos Circus is coming to town on Jan. 24, 2018, with proceeds from ticket sales of the first performance benefiting St. Augustine’s own St. Francis House. More »


Capt. David’s Fishing Report

St. Johns River Fishing Tips

By Captain David Lifka

The cost of fishing tackle can sometimes be considered to be on the little bit ridiculous side. There are fishing rods and reels that can vary from $30 to $300; gear, such as pliers pushing $80; and tackle boxes that can easily go over $50. Add some hooks and weights that can easily be more than a dollar apiece, a filet knife that can run up to $50, a few lures for $10 to $15 apiece and you’re liable to end up with a treasure chest instead of a tackle box.

Gardening | Weather and the winter garden


By Lesley Arrandale, Master Gardener

As we all know, recovery from natural disasters is a slow process. Jacksonville was hard hit by Hurricane Irma, and we are still recovering. There are even some ongoing consequences from Matthew for some of our neighbors. As I write in early December, hundreds of thousands of people in California have fled from rapidly moving wildfires whipped up by strong Santa Ana winds, which are expected to continue for some days. These events are a powerful reminder for us all, that we are vulnerable to forces outside our control. In Florida, too, we have to beware of fire, and we know now just how devastating it is when our St Johns River floods so badly.

Pantry Raiders | Start the year off on a Mediterranean foot


Peppers play a significant role in the Mediterranean diet, providing nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium while also giving meals a fresh boost of flavor. Long touted for its health benefits, the Mediterranean diet has piqued the interest of men and women looking to get healthy. Those who want a meal with a little Mediterranean flare can try the following recipe for “Mediterranean Beef Ragoût” from Judith Finlayson’s “The Healthy Slow Cooker (Second Edition)” (Robert Rose).

Travel | Visit Panoramic Parks in Utah


By Debi Lander

America’s National Parks have been called our greatest national treasure. I agree. Trips to any of the 58 parks provide dramatic views, unforgettable memories and fun times.

This ‘n That | All I Wanted for Christmas…


By Mims Cushing

So. Christmas is done for another year. I truly hope you opened a present that you wanted. I did not. I had my eyes on that Salvator Mundi (“Savior of the World”) by Da Vinci. I don’t have a single Da Vinci on my walls. I figured it would make a nice conversation piece if I ever had a neighborhood coffee klatch. I’d pour coffee and pass shortbread cookies.