St. Johns County goes back to school

St. Johns County goes back to school

On Friday, Aug. 10, traffic once again came to a standstill throughout the county as students and teachers returned to the classroom to kick off the 2018 – 2019 school year. More »

Children’s International Summer Villages: Inspiring a more peaceful world

Children’s International Summer Villages: Inspiring a more peaceful world

Over the years, CISV (Children’s International Summer Villages) has become a worldwide movement working toward peace and intercultural cooperation and understanding. More »

Mandarin Community Club celebrates 95th anniversary in style

Mandarin Community Club celebrates 95th anniversary in style

The historic community club building was the site of the club’s special anniversary celebration, which was themed a silent film night to reflect the time of the original founding. More »

Back in Time with Brett: Flynn House Part 1

Back in Time with Brett: Flynn House Part 1

A structure tucked away at the intersection of Flynn and Loretto roads gives us a peek back in time and from 1909 to 1958 it was known as Flynn’s General Store. More »


Mandarin NewsLine

Get to Know … Abigail Fixel

By Angela Higginbotham

Upcoming Mandarin High School freshman Abigail Fixel is steadfast and passionate about inspiring children in the community. An honor student and former class president, Fixel is wise beyond her years and lives up to the “Go big or go home” sentiment that her mom, Rebecca Fixel, often reminds her of. Last year at only 12 years of age, Abigail Fixel set her sights on running a musical theater camp for kids who may not have an opportunity otherwise to participate in a theater program. Fixel raised money on her own and found a location to hold Camp Fixel. She partnered with a non profit that introduces arts to foster students and together they worked to bring Fixel’s vision to reality. She recently completed her second Camp Fixel and next summer’s camp is already in preparation.

Travel | The new U.S. Civil Rights Trail and Mississippi Museum

By Debi Lander

On July 4, Americans celebrate our country’s independence. While the 13 colonies broke free in 1776, individual freedoms have come more slowly, with the struggle for Civil Rights continuing to this day.

Pantry Raiders | Serve steak alongside a backyard barbecue staple

By NewsLine Staff

A night of al fresco dining next to a grill in the backyard can be a great way to spend an evening. Nearly any type of food can be grilled, and steaks tend to be especially good when cooked over an open flame. The following recipe for Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with Mushroom-Shallot Butter from Laurie McNamara’s “Simple Scratch” (Avery) is sure to please, especially when coupled with McNamara’s recipe for Baked Beans, a must-have staple for any backyard barbecue.

Gardening | Here we go again

By Master Gardener Lesley Arrandale

Summer rains arrived early this year, in the form of Subtropical Storm Alberto. It is now officially the hurricane season, and as always, we need to be as prepared as possible, with supplies in hand and an evacuation plan in the event of a potential major impact.

Fishing Report

By Captain David Lifka

Usually the month of July is when shrimp will begin to show in the St. Johns, with their numbers and sizes growing as summer continues to advance. Weather, as always, will play a role that often determines the quality and length of our shrimping season. Too much rain is often the culprit that puts a premature slow down or end to the season.