Local gymnast goes to Nationals

Local gymnast goes to Nationals

At her first time at nationals, St. Johns resident Jenna Mulligan placed fifth on floor exercise, eighth on balance beam and 13th on vault, for an overall ranking of 39th in the U.S. More »

Kayaking around Florida (and contributing to a good cause)

Kayaking around Florida (and contributing to a good cause)

Former U.S. Marine Esteban Blyar finished the journey of a lifetime when he pulled his kayak ashore in mid-May after a 61-day kayaking trip around the coast of Florida on the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. More »

New Steinway at Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

New Steinway at Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

The success of Play Academy of Arts (PLAY), a holistic approach to music at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, has resulted in a fourth piano to be added to the Center. More »


Mandarin NewsLine

Fishing Report

By Captain David Lifka

In just a few short weeks the kids will be home for summer break. From kindergarten to college, they will all be back in the house with little to entertain them other than some type of electronic device. There was a time when kids spent the majority of their free time outdoors participating in a number of activities, but it seems that nowadays for some kids, an outdoor activity is nothing more than a quick run to the car or bus. Other than organized sport activities, how do we get our kids outside enjoying the great outdoors around them?

Try your hand at homemade salsa for Cinco de Mayo

By NewsLine Staff

Tortilla chips just aren’t the same without salsa, a spicy sauce that has many variations. Many people enjoy store-bought salsa, but home chefs and foodies might want to try their hands at homemade salsa, which can be just as delicious as a restaurant-quality variety. If you like your salsa to come with a little extra kick, consider the following recipe for “Fiery Corn Salsa” from Kelley Cleary Coffeen’s “200 Easy Mexican Recipes” (Robert Rose).

Q & A with Duval County School Board Member, District 7, Lori Hershey

Q: Yesterday (April 23), the Duval County School Board selected the semifinalists for the next superintendent. What can you tell us about this process?

A: According to our search firm, Hazard Young Attea & Associates, there were more than 70 candidates who expressed interest in this position. Once they were all filtered through the process, the School Board received the applications and considered 26 candidates. From there, we selected six semifinalists. Of this top six, I’m very confident that with their records and leadership, we will end up with a great superintendent for DCPS.

Q & A with Jacksonville City Council Member Matt Schellenberg (District 6)

Q: What can you tell us about the unsightliness of some of the medians along San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin?

A: This has been a subject of concern to me for over a year. The City of Jacksonville arborist and his staff will be looking at the medians from Goodby’s to Julington Creek. The medians along San Jose Boulevard, a state road, north of Interstate 295 are state medians and we are working with the Florida Department of Transportation to improve them. For the medians south of Interstate 295, we have an interlocal agreement with the state for the City of Jacksonville to maintain. There is presently an RFP (Request for Proposal) out to beautify the medians. Some of the medians are too small for the mature trees. It’s important to note that medians have the same substrate under them as the road, which is not conducive to growing anything. We will have to dig up this substrate under the medians to be able to put in sufficient soil so the trees and plants will grow.

Q&A with Jacksonville City Council Member Tommy Hazouri, At Large District 3

Q: What is the latest (as of today, April 23) on the potential sale of JEA?

A: There is becoming a cloud of mistrust as far as this topic. From the beginning, we’ve never had a bill in front of the City Council. This has been my problem all along. Now the JEA director has resigned and they’ve just appointed an interim director during this period of “transparency”… or lack thereof. At this time, I think we should be looking at possibly restructuring JEA to meet the competition and provide low rates and additional sources of electricity for customers, but still maintaining ownership. I have had more constituents tell me they don’t support the sale than I have heard about any other controversial issue, including the HRO. We should be focusing on other issues such as sidewalks in Mandarin and The District.