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Get to Know … Felicia Johnson


By Angela Higginbotham

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Felicia Johnson is proud to call the Southside home. As a young mother, Johnson was forced to leave high school and pursue her General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Knowing that continuing her education would lead her on a path out of poverty and into success for herself and her children, she worked tirelessly to continue school, eventually earning her bachelor and master’s degrees in education. She is currently working on her doctorate degree.

Get to Know … Nicole Crouch


By Angela Higginbotham

A native Floridian, Nicole Crouch grew up in South Florida and studied education at the University of Florida. While in Gainesville, Crouch met her husband of 26 years, Alan, currently an instructor at Ribault High School and a former member of the United States Marine Corps. Serving in the Marine Corps led to 20 years of traveling for the couple and their two children. Crouch spent her career mostly working with private companies and she retired to Durbin Crossing in St. Johns County.

Get to Know … Lenny Unitas


By Ken Gillespie

Many know Lenny Unitas from his part time job at Publix in Nocatee’s Market Square. For three or four days every week over the past three years he’s been heading over to the store where you’ll see him bagging shoppers’ groceries at checkout. At the age of 90, Unitas is the “senior” employee. His ever present smile and friendly, helpful manner is valued by both regular customers and newcomers. Unitas especially enjoys working side by side with teens who fondly call him Grandpa.

Get to Know … Terri Kinder


By Martie Thompson

Terri Kinder is a native Floridian who lived in many different states and overseas as an Army kid, but always knew she would come “home” to this state. She met and married her husband, Mark Kinder, in St. Petersburg and then the two of them went to away to college at Middle Tennessee State. Mark Kinder, son of a Methodist pastor, was also accustomed to moving around a lot. The couple continued the trend by living in several different states while Mark moved up the corporate ranks in the water treatment industry. He was responsible for training employees about water treatment and decided he could train himself and his wife to open their own business. In 1987, they chose Jacksonville for their return to Florida — because they knew the city had hard water.

Get to Know … Kristin Brenkus


By Angela Higginbotham

Originally from Green Bay, Wis., Kristin Brenkus has always been driven by her own wanderlust. She began moving and exploring the country as a young adult. Following a career path in customer service, real estate and marketing jobs, Brenkus made a discovery of her passion to help empower women all over the world and she became a certified coach. She started her business in women’s empowerment and thrives on helping women discover and follow their dreams.