By NewsLine Staff

Timberlin Creek Elementary School’s Robotics team, the Techno Titans, placed second in the First LEGO League Challenge held on Saturday, March 25 at the link in Ponte Vedra. The competition consisted of eight teams from grades four through eight. Teams were judged on their robot game, innovation project, robot design, and core values.

The robot game consisted of 20 robot missions related to this year’s Cargo Connect LEGO Challenge. Students built and programmed their LEGO robot to complete as many missions as possible in two-and-a-half minutes. After three rounds, the highest score was taken and calculated into the scoring rubric.

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Other points were earned for a research project presentation highlighting an innovative solution to improve cargo transportation methods. The Techno Titans developed an Amazon delivery bot that would be stored on the Amazon delivery truck and released into congested neighborhoods to deliver small packages, thereby freeing the driver to deliver oversized packages. They created a prototype of the robot using the Spike Prime LEGO robot and then programmed it to follow directions given by the driver to drop packages on a specific route.

The students were also judged on how well they worked as a team based on the First LEGO League’s core values: Impact, inclusion, teamwork, discovery, innovation and of course, fun!

This group of fourth and fifth graders met every week after school to learn to code their robot and to design and develop their innovation project. The students developed coding skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills, while exploring and problem solving real world issues. Their hard work earned them a second place trophy and a successful season.

The Techno Titans are: Aadhav Sathish, Anaya Desai, Buck Stratton, Callen Orians, Elizabeth Courtney, Emrie Stone, Henry Edwards, James Michie, Kevin Hoherz, Tinley Crews and Coaches Cara Smith and Monica Zerry. 

Photo courtesy Cara Smith
The Timberlin Creek Elementary Techno Titans placed second in the First LEGO League Challenge.

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