Nutrition Check | 4th of July Food Fun!

By Kristen Hicks-Roof, Ph.D., RDN, LDN; Marissa Schwam, B.S. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring plant chemicals that help give plants their color, flavor, and odor. (AICR) Phytochemicals are found in...

Travel | Baton Rouge: Louisiana’s capital

By Debi Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was the last destination I visited before the coronavirus lockdown. I went for a conference, and honestly wasn't expecting much from the city....

Pantry Raiders | Berry bountiful muffins

By NewsLine Blueberries are tiny powerhouses of nutrition and eating more of them can be an easy way to get the antioxidants necessary to fend off many different...

Capt. David’s Fishing Report

By Captain David Even though we are still early in the summer season, fishing in the St. Johns has been pretty good. Keeper reds have been on docks...

Gardening | Summer in a time of reflection

By Master Gardener Volunteer Lesley While the state has been giving some businesses the go-ahead to open, and there are more opportunities for us to participate in outdoor...
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