By NewsLine Staff

On March 30, middle school students from Switzerland Point Middle School participated in Tata Consultancy Services’ goIT App Design Program — the first time the program was held in Northeast Florida.

The 27 young innovators were tasked with creating a health and fitness app for themselves and their peers. Throughout the two days, an inspired group of students generated sophisticated ideas and designs, proving that when given the proper tools, people of any age can produce technology that solves everyday problems.

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On the final day of the program, nine student groups presented their app concepts to an esteemed panel of judges and school district officials.

The winning app concept, presented by students Dylan Jessee, Sierra “Danni” Waldroup and Isaac Lee, was entitled “GoBuddy,” a workout app that incorporated a buddy system. Notably, it also incorporated feelings and suggested workouts based on how the user was feeling that particular day.

According to the Tata Consultancy Services’ website, while the demand for IT workers has been on the rise every year for the last decade, the number of students graduating with computer-related degrees has not kept pace. To address this trend, in 2009 Tata Consultancy Services began a student technology awareness program named goIT, which has expanded to over a dozen cities nationwide. Visit for more information.

Photo courtesy Tata Consultancy Services

Switzerland Point Middle School technology students participated in the goIT App Design Program on March 30.

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