By Martie Thompson

Angela Freyman was born in Ukraine and was 13 years old when she relocated with her family to Brooklyn, N.Y. She attended New York University, earning both a bachelor’s degree (in finance and economics) and an MBA — and married high school sweetheart, Greg, in 2000. She said they were not in love with the “busy city” and decided to move to the suburbs, in New Jersey, in 2015. They did love the suburbs, but not New Jersey and so online research and talking with friends and acquaintances led them to relocate to St. Johns in 2017.

“All of our research pointed to St. Johns County,” Freyman said. “We were tired of our quality of life in New Jersey and looked forward to the warmer weather and more affordable housing here.”

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Freyman worked for the Federal Reserve Bank for 20 years and upon the family’s move to New Jersey, joined husband Greg’s accounting practice, which he had built from scratch. The couple has now been working together for four years and own Freyman CPA, P.C. on Race Track Road, providing tax and bookkeeping services to small businesses and individuals. They have two teenage children who attend Creekside High School.

1) What do you like best about living in St. Johns?

I love the vibrant community, so close to schools and shopping. It’s a very pleasant lifestyle. I love how green everything is and the gorgeous weather. Also, housing and the economy are strong, with low property taxes and no state income tax. It makes for a nice mix of neighbors who have moved here from all over the country.

2) What is the best and most challenging part of working with your husband every day?

We work well together. We fill in for each other and since we have different strengths it makes us a stronger team. When times get stressful, we are there for each other. It’s the best time of our lives. I can’t think of any weaknesses to the arrangement.

3) What one piece of advice would you give now that tax season is upon us?

Don’t go it alone. The tax code is getting so complex and mistakes can cost a lot of money in taxes and penalties. Most importantly, don’t procrastinate!

4) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

We have a very active lifestyle. We go to the gym daily and enjoy yoga and jumping rope. No matter how busy we are, we make time to do something healthy for ourselves each day. It helps us to stay focused and more productive. We also like to spend time with our kids, going hiking or to concerts or to museums. We have a greyhound rescue named Nitro and a Scottish Fold cat named Lucas, who is a little shy, but king of the family.

5) What is something that most people don’t know about you?

We’ve really changed our lifestyle from sedentary to active in the past few years. I’ve had a large weight loss and I feel healthier. We are regimented with our cooking and always bring our lunch. My favorite is chicken with some carbs. I feel a lot better now.


Photo courtesy Shoot the Sky Imageworks

Angela Freyman with Nitro

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