By Angela Higginbotham

Florida native Susie Scott spent much of her childhood in central Florida. Her early teen years were enjoyed in Jacksonville Beach before moving to St. Johns County in 1983. At that time, Scott was mostly attracted to the rural aspect of the county. Even still, she enjoys living on the peaceful setting of the St. Johns River, while so many amenities are also close by.

A graduate of the University of North Florida, Scott majored in literature and spent her career working in property management and with Gate Petroleum. Scott devotes much of her time volunteering in St. Johns County and Mandarin. A 17-year member and current president of the Mandarin Club, also a chairperson of the annual Mandarin Arts Festival, Scott values having her feet planted in both St. Johns County and the greater Jacksonville area. She has also given her time to the St. Johns River advisory board and to the board of the equestrian center.

  1. What volunteer accomplishment do you feel most proud of?

I’m most proud whenever I have the feeling that I’ve done something to help reshape our community. I’ve worked to help mold our neighborhood watch program and I’ve monitored the rezoning to help improve the aesthetics of the community, both of which I’m very proud of.

  1. What is your favorite pastime in St. Johns County?

My favorite thing is the Riverkeeper tour. My husband and I have traveled a lot but we love coming home and learning more about our community and enjoying the St. Johns River. We do enjoy St. Augustine as well. Everytime we visit St. Augustine it’s easy to feel like another tourist.

  1. Apart from volunteering, how do you enjoy spending your time?

My husband is recently retired, so we just keep busy. We travel. I have a passion for history and preservation. I love to read anything from romance novels to biographies. I don’t see as much of them these days, but horses have always been a passion and a love of my life.

Our family is closeby, so we enjoy spending time with them, of course. We have two daughters and two grandchildren. I’m a lucky woman. My extended family is also close and we have three dogs that we enjoy.

  1. You studied literature and you enjoy history — is there a historical figure that you identify with most?

I have a new appreciation for Rachel Carson. She was so quietly passionate about the environment and committed to revealing the threats to our natural world from industry.

  1. If you could have only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It’s so hard to pick just one. I don’t think I can pick just one. I’m a southern gal and I love comfort foods. Bring on the vegetables, rutabaga, turnip greens and collard greens. Not a New Year’s Day goes by that I’m not eating black-eyed peas.

Photo courtesy Susie Scott

Susie Scott

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