Q: As of this interview date (Oct. 15), what is happening at your office in advance of the General Election?
A: We started opening and counting Vote By Mail ballots on Oct. 9. We sent out 70,000 Vote By Mail ballots, and as of Oct. 14, we have received, opened, and counted approximately 25,000 ballots. This is easily double the number we normally see. 

Q: Can you clarify the use of drop boxes for Vote By Mail ballots?
A: Drop boxes are only available at Early Voting sites during Early Voting hours, so drop boxes end when Early Voting ends on Oct. 31. 

Q: What should a voter do if they still haven’t mailed their Vote By Mail ballot at the end of October?
A: If you still have your Vote By Mail ballot now, it’s too late to mail it in. You have a couple of options: You can bring your ballot to the Supervisor of Elections office in St. Augustine anytime over the weekend prior to Election Day and anytime before 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3. We have a 24-hour drop box at our office only. You can also just vote in person at your precinct on Election Day. You cannot drop off your Vote By Mail ballot at your precinct on Election Day and there are no drop boxes other than the one at our office in St. Augustine that are available after Early Voting ends on Oct. 31.

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Q: Do you have any other information you’d like voters to know?
A: One big thing — if you have recently moved, please check with the Supervisor of Elections office before voting, so we can send you to the correct precinct on Election Day … the first time. You can even contact us on Election Day to receive this information and save yourself from waiting in line at the incorrect precinct.

Q: What can you tell us about voting on Election Day?
A: We expect Election Day, Nov. 3, to be very busy. Voters need to have a measure of patience as we expect a record turnout. It would be best for voters to be prepared so they can be efficiently checked in to vote — have your picture ID and your sample ballot with you. 

Masks are encouraged, but no voter will be turned away if they are not wearing a mask. All precincts will have masks available, as well as ample hand sanitizer and clean pens. Workers will be frequently sanitizing everything. 

Finally, please thank your poll workers when you vote. Elections would not happen without them!

Q: What is the best way for our readers to contact you?

A: Readers can email me at voakes@votesjc.com or call me at (904) 823-2238. Our website, www.votesjc.com also has a wealth of information.

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