By Joanne Spencer

The Friends of the Bartram Trail Branch Library sponsored the second annual Comic Con, Saturday, June 4 with a record-breaking number of visitors. The event was a celebration of Harry Potter, superheroes, graphic novels, comics and all things pop culture.

With more than 500 people through the door in two hours, the morning was filled with wide-eyed children posing for pictures with Stormtroopers and arriving at Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾. Busy hands could be seen at four crafting stations where light sabers, airplanes, Captain America shields and superhero masks were made by children and parents.

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The 501st Legion Squad 7 spent the day posing for pictures throughout the library with both children and parents. Also, in attendance and making his first public appearance was the Magma Trooper.

On display was an incredible collection of Comic Con memorabilia, including a five foot hanging Spider-Man, life-size cardboard cut-outs of superheroes and an amazing Harry Potter wand collection. Activities included Legos, a gaming room, and Ollivander’s where “the wand chooses the wizard.” Superhero prizes were given to children displaying their superhero pride with shirts and costumes. Star Wars themed edible goodies were purchased with a donation made by Publix. Every attendee also had the chance to win a $20 gift card to Mythical Mountain by completing pop culture trivia questions.

No Comic Con would be complete without the comic book and graphic novel creators themselves — Aaron Hazouri, Jonny Jimison and Michael Regina shared their art to an enthusiastic crowd.

Photos courtesy Joanne Spencer

Comic Con 2016

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