By Kate Strickland

All sixth through eighth grade students at San Juan del Rio gave a three to five minute speech in their classroom and then the top 10 speeches were presented to the middle school student body in the church auditorium on Feb. 25 as part of the Woodmen Speech Contest. This year’s topic was Hunger in America with Sara Edgar, Thomas Howland and Marta Miles earning the top three placements. 

Photo courtesy Kate Strickland

Christopher Tuckman, guest judge Michael Boylan from WJXT, Keeley Cleland, guest judge Donna Wilkey, Peyton Canady, Jenavive Greenawalt, Thomas Howland, Caleb Towne, guest judge Sr. Ann Raymond, Sara Edgar, Leah Weber, Marta Miles and Kaley Bless participated in the Woodmen Speech Contest.

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