Q & A with St. Johns County School Board Member, Beverly Slough, District 1

Q: What’s the latest update on the new schools under construction?A: Things are moving along for all three schools and we still plan for all three to open in fall 2024. Work...

Q&A with St. Johns County Property Appraiser Eddie Creamer

Q: Do you have an update on your December column, where you discussed the impact of storms Ian and Nicole on property owners’ taxes?A: Yes. When the State of Florida Legislature met...

Q&A with St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick

Q: Can you share some information about your office’s Real Time Intelligence Center?A: The Real Time Intelligence Center is housed at our new facility, the Emergency Communications and Training Center. We have...

Q&A with State Attorney, 7th Judicial Circuit, R.J. Larizza

Q: Can you describe your circuit’s Operation Young Guns initiative?A: We started this initiative in May of last year because we noticed that a lot of the violent gun crime, to include...

Q&A with St. Johns County Tax Collector Dennis Hollingsworth

Q: How do I know if my driver license is REAL ID compliant?A: The easiest way to check if your license is federally compliant is to see if...
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