Q&A with Florida State Representative Cyndi Stevenson, District 17

Q: Can you give us a budget summary from the recently concluded legislative session? A: Every year the state of Florida is required by the state constitution to pass...

Q & A with St. Johns County School Board Member Kelly Barrera, District 4

Q: What are your thoughts about the recently concluded school year? A: It was an exceptional year and I have such gratitude towards all the students, parents, teachers, staff...

Travel | New River Gorge: Our newest National Park

By Debi Landermail@floridanewsline.com Many U.S. National Parks recorded their highest visitation rates in 2020, the pandemic year. Seems that after lockdown, Americans want to venture out, get away from...

Nutrition Check: Power packed nutrition when eating plant-based

By Kristen Hicks-Roof PhD, RDN, LDN, CLC and Crystal Liebenberg BSmail@floridanewsline.com One of the most popular health trends that is currently on the rise worldwide is adopting a “plant-based...

Mickler’s Landing Turtle Patrol back on duty

By Tiffany Merlo Phelpsmail@floridanewsline.com They are known in certain circles as “the turtle whisperers.” The Mickler’s Landing Turtle Patrol volunteers reinforced that title this year when they found the...
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