Pantry Raiders | Stir up dinner quickly

By NewsLine The lazy days of summer have started to fade away, and individuals and families will once again be beholden to more rigid schedules packed with activities....

Nutrition Check: World Alzheimer’s Day and the food/brain connection

By Kristen Hicks-Roof PhD, This month, World Alzheimer’s Day will be recognized on Sept. 21.There is a lot of recent and emerging research on the food-brain connection and...

A New Life: Helping Ukrainian Families

By Tiffany Merlo Phelps When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, all Natalia Plyam could do was cry for the first few weeks. Then she decided that she wanted...

HUGS St. Johns expects to clothe 500+ local kids-in-need this upcoming school year

By Brette Reiman Local nonprofit HUGS St. Johns expects another busy school year providing emergency food, clothing, school supplies and more to hundreds of St. Johns County children-in-need. Founded...

Get to Know … Pastor Justin Yawn

By Tiffany Merlo Phelps Pastor Justin Yawn had a dream when he was 16 years old that changed the course of his life. He dreamt that he was looking...
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