By Tiffany Merlo Phelps

Nocatee resident Brandon Mosley’s faith drives everything that he does. He believes in taking care of the people around him, doing the right thing and leading with love and compassion. It was from this space that he and his friend Chris Gambino tossed around an idea to start a podcast aimed at inspiring and encouraging everyone — dudes sharing cool stories about local folks. The “Dudeology Show” began in June 2020 and has covered a wide range of topics such as sports, fitness, cool gear, supporting the military, post traumatic stress disorder, financial tips and summer travel. Guests have included an ultramarathoner, veterans, a sports medicine expert, world record breakers and new business owners. Former guest and University of Kentucky track star John Richardson joined the podcast in September 2020, bringing his performance training experience to the table. Richardson, also known as the social media director, is one of less than 2,000 people ever to have broken a four-minute mile and is also a competitive triathlete. Mosley said Richardson suggested hosting adventure races as part of the podcast and offers a unique performance coaching perspective. Gambino, he said, is the “magician and executive producer” of the show, using his home as the studio where he makes all the talking “fit for consumption.” Mosley, who works for a biotech company, is quick to give credit to Gambino and Richardson, adding that he simply makes sure the questions get answered in a way that is efficient and easy to digest. With 26 episodes published in less than one year and 6,000 listeners or viewers, plus a foreign social media presence, the dudes have arrived. 

Q: Explain how adventure racing works. 

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A: We had our first adventure race, DudeOdyssey (challenges and courses are themes from The Odyssey), in December 2020 all around the Nocatee Preserve. We hope to have another one this fall. It is a mix of hiking, kayaking and mountain biking with two person teams. It includes a two-mile run, a four-mile trek, a three-mile kayak and 15-mile bike ride with physical and mental challenges (problem-solving) along the way. The whole race (average completion time around four hours) is filmed with commentary and interviews. Chris does all the video production, John is on the course, and I am like the “host.” I always joked with my wife that my dream job would be reality TV host, the DudeOdyssey race let me fulfill that dream. 

Q: Explain your partnership with Mission: Morale. 

A: We like the idea of doing more and being better citizens. We partnered with Mission: Morale, a nonprofit that sends customized care packages to deployed sailors, as a way to publicize their goal of honoring the military. Each box has a name on it with cool items, personalized letters and specific things that you need when you are deployed, targeting folks who often don’t receive much in the mail. We want to use the outlet of our show to be able to help any organization like this and to support them.

Q: Name one experience that shaped your life. 

A: I enlisted in the Army right out of high school. I wish that I could say that it was out of some deep desire for service. I just wanted to get out of Central Florida and see the world. If I had to pick one experience from my life that has enabled me to differentiate myself professionally and given me perspective, this is it. It gave me a mental toughness and grit. I served for four years. 

Q: What brought you to Nocatee? 

A: My job brought us here six years ago, and my wife, Cheryl, has family ties to the area. We loved the proximity to the ocean. The beach is big for my family (our children are 17, 14 and seven). We love to go on adventures. 

Q: What is the main take away from Dudeology Show? 

A: There is no ordinary. Everybody has the ability to be extraordinary. 

[Author’s note: Check out Dudeology Show on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes or any preferred platform. Visit for more information.]

Photo courtesy Brandon Mosley  
Brandon Mosley

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