By Elaine Omann

Dr. Anjali Lueck, a dentist with Narducci Dental Group, located in the St. Johns Town Center, recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti to assist with providing basic dental care to Haitian families who otherwise don’t have such resources.

The Renard Foundation partnered with the Narducci Dental Group and formed a clinical team that went to Haiti to provide critical and crucial dental care in Bassin Bleu. The impetus for this mission was a young boy who died due to lack of necessary dental care for a routine tooth problem. The heartfelt concern led to the foundation and the dental group’s desire to prevent such incidents in the future — so they made a commitment to go to Haiti and spend a week helping a community.

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In September 2017, during hurricane season, the group made the trip. The members of the team, which included included a dentist, a dental assistant, and a local community member, stayed in local guest housing and spent time in the evenings with local families after long hours of clinical work. Days were spent treating children and families as well as educating them on cavity prevention and dental health.

Dr. Lueck was assisted by Majorie, a dental assistant of 17 years. She speaks Creole and was able to serve with clinical needs as well as reassure patients during procedures.

Majorie said she found the community to be one of happy people with great spirit. She saw other basic needs that families have, such as for shoes and clothing, and has started a collection of items for the next trip.

The clinical team learned how to practice in an environment with limited resources. One of the challenges during their time was the inability to provide comprehensive care or immediate follow up with patients, Dr. Lueck said.

The Narducci Dental Group is committed to returning to Bassin Bleu, Haiti to continue the work they began and to expand the scope of what they  accomplished. The group welcomes others to participate and become involved. Visit to learn more about their experience in Haiti and other opportunities. Visit to donate to an upcoming mission.

Photos courtesy Dr. Anjali Lueck

The Narducci dental team provided care and training for the community.


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  • Advertise your business in The CreekLine!
  • Advertise your business in The CreekLine!
  • Advertise in our May Issue The Creek Line