The Florida Ballet celebrates 40th anniversary

The Florida Ballet celebrates 40th anniversary

Founded in 1978, the original purpose of The Florida Ballet was to bring dance and performances to the greater Jacksonville area, but teaching was soon implemented. More »

High school bands enjoy friendly rivalry

High school bands enjoy friendly rivalry

Although the schools are long-standing football foes, the rivalry between the two superior-rated bands takes on a different tune. More »

Landrum cheerleaders personify school and community spirit

Landrum cheerleaders personify school and community spirit

For the 25 girls who are members of the Landrum Middle School cheer team, a busy balance of cheering, fundraising, and community service requires time management skills. More »

Back in Time with Brett: Historic Plummer’s Cove Cemetery

Back in Time with Brett: Historic Plummer’s Cove Cemetery

In use by 1860, this cemetery was the early burial grounds for many of Mandarin’s pioneer families including the Bowdens, Hartleys, Bradys, Flynns, and Wantons. More »


The CreekLine

Get to Know … Kim Hetrick

By Angela Higginbotham

Kim Hetrick spent her childhood both in West Virginia and Washington state. She later moved to Ohio for college where she majored in education. Hetrick and her husband of 25 years, Ron, moved to Julington Creek in 2004. They have three children, aged 22, 19 and 15. As a parent of a special needs child, Hetrick has devoted herself to countless efforts in supporting special needs children and adults. She is currently leading the Jacksonville chapter of Ainsley’s Angels, a national nonprofit that aims to build awareness about the special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Hetrick has found her passion in encouraging Jacksonville families to run races with their special needs family members.

High school bands enjoy friendly rivalry

By Heidy Brosofsky-Weaver

Each year, while the Bartram Trail High School Bears and Creekside Knights fight it out on the football field, the bands battle it out in the stands and during the halftime show, adding an air of excitement to the highly-anticipated game.

Golf Tips from T Shot Ranch | Doing the Math

By Janie C. Farina, LPGA

“Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.”

~ George Santayana, philosopher and essayist

Is your golf game giving a return on your investment for the time and money you are putting into your practice/playing sessions? Or are you becoming a fanatic who has forgotten his aim by doing the same things that keep your game in “golf bankruptcy?” So many golfers are penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to equipment, instruction, and a proper practice plan for a better golf payoff.

Gardening | The Cool Season — In so many ways

By Lesley Arrandale, Master Gardener

Jacksonville has been lucky — so far. As of early October, the people of the Carolinas are struggling to recover from continuing flooding after Hurricane Florence; our thoughts go out to them. But Florida now has its own storm, Michael, which will hit the Gulf Coast as a strong category 4 hurricane. We hope for the best under dreadful circumstances.

Travel | A visit to the Wild Turkey Museum

By Debi Lander

Turkeys dominate holiday images, advertisements and dinner tables in November. We tend to forget that this symbol of Americana has an elusive cousin — the Wild Turkey. Ben Franklin preferred the turkey as the nation’s symbol over the eagle, considering the latter “of bad moral character.” He considered the turkey “a much more respectable bird” and an American original.