By Captain David Lifka

Well it’s still hard to believe how long this year’s shrimp run has lasted. There are still enough shrimp hanging around to provide plenty of live bait for your next trip out on the river. Although unusual for a shrimp run to last this late into the year, with continued mild weather, small numbers of shrimp could still be around well into January.

As our gift giving season quickly approaches, now is the time to find out just exactly what items your favorite angler has been hoping to add to their fishing supply list. Without having to ask, there are a number of no-fail gift ideas that most any fisherman will be happy to add to their fishing closet.

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If any of the folks on your list took part in this year’s shrimping, or are hoping to do so next year, then a new shrimp cast net might be just what they are looking for — a 3/8” mesh net with webbing is most widely used. A six-foot diameter net is a good size for the average net thrower, with an eight-foot diameter or larger for the more experienced net thrower.

In two or three months, it will already be time for the spring surf fishing run. A nice surf rod and reel to go after those pompano and whiting would make the perfect gift for anyone who is ready to get out of the house and start fishing again. A beach cart to accompany all that gear going down to the beach would complete any surf fisher’s want list.

Also just a few months away this coming spring will be the return of largemouth bass fishing, starting with their spawn. Arguably the best time of year for bass fishing, any kind of new bass rigs are a must have before the season starts. With so many different types of combinations of rods and reels available, some kind of helpful hint list might be needed to find just which one it is your person is hoping for.

Getting the kids additional tackle, or just getting them started is a gift that could be appreciated well into adulthood. Fishing is and can be a hobby that gets the children out of the house and into the outdoors to see, appreciate, and be a part of the beautiful world that surrounds them. Consider an inexpensive push button rod reel for the youngsters and spinning combo with some tackle for older ones. Most any store that sells fishing equipment should be able to help you with your choices.

Never fail gift ideas . . . hats, polarized sunglasses, quality fillet knife, long term cooler, party boat or fishing trip gift certificate or a gift certificate to their favorite sporting goods or tackle store.

Fishing Report: Reds, croaker, and yellowmouths in the river. Panfish in creeks on pretty, warmer days. Look for speckled perch to begin to bite in area lakes during cool spells and cooler days.

Whether you catch one, some, or none, the family time spent fishing will last a lifetime.


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