By NewsLine Staff

Hunter Toth from the North Florida Council enjoyed a long scouting career and it has come to a close with what he calls one of the biggest accomplishments of his life: the completion of his Eagle Scout designation.

Toth, who always wanted to be an Eagle Scout, started as a Tiger Cub in Pack 329 from Mill Creek Elementary, then joined Troop 875. He served as Scribe, Chaplain’s Aid, Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader, the highest position a boy can hold in Boy Scouts. He was also a part of Troop 63 and Venture Crew 875,

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Toth is the deputy commander in the Civil Air Patrol Squadron out of the St. Augustine Airport, SER-FL-173, where he felt led to complete his Eagle project: refurbishment of the squadron’s building, which included new hand railings, new non-slip paint for the front porch floor and new deck boards on the back deck. New lattice was also installed on the front of the building.

“None of what I accomplished would have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of the people around me who constantly supported me throughout my journey,” said Toth.

Photo courtesy David Toth.

Hunter Toth with his Eagle mentor, Maj. Gene Melton, Civil Air Patrol

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