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St. Patrick’s Day might be more widely associated with pints of Guinness than Irish cuisine, but that does not mean revelers cannot indulge in some tasty food this March 17. Those with a day of celebration ahead may want to start their day off with this recipe for Irish Potato Bread from Linda Collister’s “Quick Breads” (Ryland, Peters & Small). The bread can be served alongside a pile of bacon and just-cooked eggs to make for a delicious, hearty breakfast.

Irish Potato Bread

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Makes 8/Serves 4

1 ¾ cups smooth mashed potatoes (1 very large cooked potato or 2 medium)
¾ cup self-rising flour
¼ teaspoon powdered mustard
½ teaspoon sea salt
Several grinds of black pepper
1 tbsp. snipped chives or 2 tbsp. chopped parsley
1 extra-large egg, beaten
Butter for frying

Mix the mashed potatoes with the flour, mustard, salt, pepper, and herbs. Do this with a wooden spoon, not a food processor (otherwise, you’ll get a gluey mess). Work in the beaten egg to make a firm dough. If it is very soft and sticky, work in a little more flour.

Turn out the dough onto a floured work surface, flour your hands, then knead the dough once or twice to make a smooth ball. Divide the dough into eight equal portions and shape each one into a small cake, about 2 ½ inches across.

When ready to cook, heat a little butter in a large heavy skillet, preferably nonstick, and cook the breads over medium heat for about 7 minutes on each side, until they turn good golden brown and are slightly puffed. Serve immediately.


Photo courtesy MetroCreative

Irish Potato Bread


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