Back to school

By Scott Stegmaier

With school back in full force we are all just trying to get adjusted. For some, add after-school sports and activities in there too. One word: Rush. Yes, it is that time of year again. Rush here, rush there! There is no time it seems, especially for dinner.

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This month I have to give a shout-out to the Fresh Market and their weekly meal deal for $20. While we normally cook every single night with our own recipes, sometimes you just need a break. Back to school routine can make you feel like you have been hit by a bus. Take advantage of great dinner deals once in awhile and spice it up a bit your way.

The recipe below features an Asian stir-fry dish put together from the ingredients that came with the dinner deal. Traditionally you would stir-fry the shrimp. Instead, I gave it a little flare by Panko breading and frying them.


Pack of lo mein noodles
Pack of stir-fry vegetables
Shrimp 20-25 ct.
Stir-fry sauce

Extra added ingredients

1 tsp. fresh ginger
1 tsp. chopped garlic
2 tbsp. water
2-3 tbsp. vegetable oil (for veggies)
1 cup all purpose flour
3-4 cups vegetable oil (for shrimp)
2 eggs
2 stalks sliced green onion
2 dashes sriracha
Panko bread crumbs

Directions: Heat vegetable oil for shrimp to 350 degrees (use a large pot with thermometer). While oil is heating, get a large pot of boiling water going — at least two quarts. While both are heating, bread shrimp with panko. Add eggs and water together in a bowl and whisk to combine. Put flour in one bowl and put panko in another. Having all three bowls in a line with flour first, then egg, followed by panko, bread all shrimp in the order of the bowls. Set aside to fry when ready.

Before frying the vegetables, saute ginger, garlic and onion in the vegetable oil for the veggies for 30 seconds. Make sure to use a large pan with high walls like a wok. Add stir-fry veggies. Keep in mind to fry the vegetables that take longer first and add according to cook time. Toss in stir fry sauce and a touch of sriracha for spice. Turn heat off and set aside.

Boil lo mein noodles for 3 minutes. Strain and add to the stir-fry. A tablespoon or so of the pasta water in the veggies is good to keep everything moist. Fry shrimp for 4 – 5 minutes or until golden brown and drain on a paper towel. Serve pasta and veggies with shrimp on top and garnish with green onion and a little more sriracha — if you dare.

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Photo courtesy Edana Stegmaier

Asian Stir Fry


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