By NewsLine Staff

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has identified a man sought for questioning in an early morning incident in Cypress Trace and has determined no wrong doing occurred. The man was identified as a resident who had jumped a fence because the pedestrian gate to his community was locked. The complainant and the juvenile who reported the early morning incident were contacted by deputies who explained the misunderstanding. The Sheriff’s Office’s investigation is closed.

Deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office had been seeking a male subject who approached a school age female this morning while she was walking the family dog in Northwest St. Johns County.

Around 10 a.m, the middle school age girl was walking the dog on North Black Cherry Drive, in Cypress Trace, off Racetrack Road. The girl said a white male about 60 years of age, with white hair that was slicked back on top and “frizzy” on the sides, jumped a white fence in the cul de sac near her residence and started walking at a fast pace toward her.

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The girl said she then began to back up towards her residence and when she did she said the male started to move faster towards her, which frightened her. The girl ran back into her residence where she locked the door. She never saw the man again.

The girl told deputies that she had never seen this man before, and was frightened by his actions. She added that he was wearing a large tan coat and white shoes.

Deputies had sought to question the man to determine his intentions before determining no wrongdoing had occurred.


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