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On Monday Nov. 12, 2018, River Garden recognized 36 veterans with Quilts of Valor. The gift quilts were presented with an official certificate and with a custom label affixed, a small token of appreciation given to those who defended our country. Quilts of Valor is a non-profit foundation and was originally started by Katherine Roberts of Seaford, Del. in 2003. The initiative has now spread across the United States and internationally. To date, more than 207,000 quilts have been awarded to veterans in recognition of their service, commitment and sacrifice.

The River Garden Quilts of Valor project has been in the making for more than one year.  In September 2017, Kathy Minton was sharing with Janet Brown, another River Garden volunteer, about the program and together they agreed it would be a worthy undertaking. Rallying other River Garden quilters and sewing ladies, they volunteered many hours making beautiful, patriotic-themed quilts for presentation. In addition to Minton and Brown, special thanks is shared with Lisa Poremba, Deinya Mautz and Tina Tadros for their dedication to this effort. First Coast Quilters Guild and Ladybug Quilt Shop are credited for the valuable fabric donations and long-arm quilting expertise.

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The presentation event and reception was attend by many veterans, along with their family and friends.  Captain William Nisley, retired U.S. Navy, officiated the event.


Photo courtesy River Garden

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